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    Foreigners are generally made to feel very welcome in Oman, although in return you'll be expected to abide scrupulously by Omani cultural norms. This remains.

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  • Oman tourists asked to respect dress code Telegraph

    Oct 7, 2015 . Tourists and expats are being called on to respect dress codes in shopping malls and other places in Oman.

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  • ladies dress code. Oman Forum TripAdvisor

    I would like to no what I should pack when I take my holiday to the Oman regard clothes. Thank You Kind regards Ms. Cotterell.

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  • Oman.Dress Code???? Trippy

    Dress Code???? Hi, I was wondering if anyone can help me. Do woman in Oman have to wear a veil, even if they are western and can western woman drink.

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  • Culture of Oman Wikipedia

    For men, the national dress is an ankle length, collarless gown with long sleeves, called a dishdasha. Usually, the clothing is white, although a.

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